Pradeep Thapar or as everyone fondly and lovingly calls him Raja. Someone who lived his life truly king-size giving the most befitting tribute to his own name and its meaning. His passions for food, travel and above all photography fueled his life and sparked the lives of uncountable people who he met, spoke to or even had a chance encounter with! His unmatched zest for life, strength and grit, especially when faced with cancer at the age of 51 became the source of inspiration for everyone around him, including the doctors who called him a miracle!

He was a Phoenix who always rose from the ashes and his sole purpose in life was to live every moment to the fullest and to lead a life true to his convictions and free of regrets. Rarely do we come across such human beings who leave such an impact on the lives of everyone and are remembered for years and ages even after they are gone. Such is the legacy left behind by Raja Thapar which will live on for generations. This website is an initiative by the Thapar family to be a memoir as well as a tribute to his life, spirit and the precious memories he created through his photographs so that his spirit is accessible to everyone through eons of time, just as he will live on in all our hearts!

~Neha Thapar, daughter of Pradeep Thapar